Before you begin

In order to optimize the processing of your certificate request, thank you for respecting the spelling and the accentuation of every name and first name (accents, cedillas, diaereses) and to inform only the first name.
The wanted information is intended in the service of the Registry office - Nationality of the City hall of Monaco. They are essential and exclusively used for the management of the requests of acts. Only the Registrars are addressees.
Before completing the form, please verify your information so that the data are correctly seized in every stage.
Seen the law n°564 of June 15th, 1952, authorizing administrative departments to collect rights on the occasion of the delivery of certain documents or the fulfillment of formalities, expenses will be collected for the delivery of documents enumerated attached

The demands of online certificate allow you to :

  • Ask for the sending by mail of certain register office records …
  • Order, for the people of Monaco nationality, the nationality, residency and custom certificates, which will necessarily have to be removed from the City hall within 3 days.

Certificates concerned by this on-line service are the following ones:

Document type Unit price including VAT excluding postage Withdrawal and mandatory payment at Mairie Mandatory payment online
Registry Office certificates
Birth certificate 1,00 € X
Birth certificate without filiation 0,50 € X
Recognition certificate 1,00 € X
Death certificate 1,00 € X
Death certificate without filiation 0,50 € X
Marriage certificate 1,50 € X
Marriage certificate without filiation 0,50 € X
Divorce transcription or legal separation 1,50 € X
Registry Office card 1,50 € X
Registry Office certificate + 100 years 0,50 € X
Nationality certificate 0,50 € X
Residency certificate 0,50 € X
Custom certificate 0,50 € X