Monegasque nationals and residents who have activated their digital identity are invited to log in using MConnect.
This authentication makes online certificate requests easier because, for users, there is no longer a need to attach a copy of their
proof of identity and the certificates can be sent to their home (pay online) or collected from the Registry Office (pay at the office).

Certificates that can be ordered online and fees:

Document type Unit price including VAT excluding postage
Registry Office certificates
Birth certificate 1,00 €
Birth certificate without filiation 0,50 €
Recognition certificate 1,00 €
Death certificate 1,00 €
Death certificate without filiation 0,50 €
Marriage certificate 1,50 €
Marriage certificate without filiation 0,50 €
Divorce transcription or legal separation 1,50 €
Registry Office card 1,50 €
Registry Office certificate + 100 years 0,50 €
Nationality certificate 0,50 €
Residency certificate 0,50 €
Custom certificate 0,50 €

All online certificate requests are subject to the terms and conditions of use. Validation of the certificate request by the user on the website constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use.
To ensure that your request can be processed as efficiently as possible, please use the correct spelling for all first and last names (including accents, cedillas and diaeresis) and do not include middle names.
Before completing the form, please check your information to ensure that the data is correctly entered at every stage.
In accordance with Act No. 564, dated 15 June 1952, authorising government services to collect fees for the issue of certain documents or the completion of procedures, fees will be collected for the issue of the documents listed above.
The information requested is intended for the Registry Office (Nationality) at Monaco City Hall. It is essential and used exclusively to manage certificate requests. It is only sent to Registry Office officials. The processing of personal information for the purpose of “Online requests for certificates issued by the Registry Office (Nationality)” was submitted for an opinion from the Data Protection Authority of Monaco. For any information about the protection of your personal data, please contact